Seminar "Visual Computing"



Time and place

  • Wed 16:15-17:45, Room 01.151-128 (exclude vac) ICS

Prerequisites / Organizational information

In this seminar, attendance is mandatory. Up to three missed sessions are allowed. In case of absence due to medical or other exceptional reasons, exceptions can be made if the lecturers are informed before the missed seminar session.


This seminar covers advanced topics in visual computing, including both seminal research papers, as well as the latest research results. The seminar provides an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive overview of research questions in visual computing, as well as allows students to dive deeper into a chosen topic. Each student presents one scientific publication and explains its content to fellow students taking the course. Thereby, students practice their argumentation and presentation skills. For each paper, a supervisor is provided, who answers questions and gives pointers on the presentation slide design. The seminar is concluded with a short written report. The main topics include: - human performance capture (faces, eyes, speech), - animation (motion controllers, speech synthesis, shape modelling) - fabrication (caustic design, robot design), - appearance modelling (subsurface scattering), - Monte Carlo rendering (importance sampling, participating media), - differentiable rendering (neural rendering, inverse rendering), - denoising (non-local means and deep learning), - physics simulation (fluid simulation) (automatisch geplant, erwartete Hörerzahl original: 10, fixe Veranstaltung: nein)

Additional information

Keywords: Visual Computing

Expected participants: 22

www: https://www.studon.fau.de/crs4029241.html