Applied Visualization



Time and place:

  • Thu 10:15-11:45, Room H4

Fields of study

  • WPF MT-MA-BDV from SEM 1
  • WF CE-MA-INF from SEM 1
  • WF CE-BA-TW from SEM 4
  • WPF INF-BA-V-GD from SEM 4
  • WPF INF-MA from SEM 1
  • WPF IuK-MA-MMS-INF from SEM 1
  • WPF ICT-MA-MPS from SEM 1
  • WPF MB-BA-FG13 from SEM 4
  • WPF MB-MA-FG13 from SEM 1
  • WF WW-BAH from SEM 6
  • WF WW-DH from SEM 6
  • WF MWT-MA-AWE from SEM 1
  • WF LSE-MA from SEM 1
  • WPF PG-BA from SEM 3


The amount of data, generated in the pursuit of scientific discovery, keeps rapidly increasing across all major scientific disciplines. How can we make sense of large, time-dependent, high-dimensional and multi-variate data? This lecture provides an introduction into scientific visualization. Throughout the course, we cover the fundamental perception basics needed to convey information accurately. After categorizing different data types based on their dimensionality, we dive deeper into specific techniques for scalar and vector valued data. To facilitate the discovery of patterns and to support the communication of findings, we further elaborate on data reduction, feature extraction, and interactive exploration.

The lecture covers the following topics:

  • a review of scalar and vector calculus

  • data structures and data acquisition techniques

  • direct and indirect scalar field visualization

  • geometry-based, feature-based and topology-based vector field visualization

  • multi-variate data visualization

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Applied Visualization



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Expected participants: 120